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Safety at Work Centre stands out today as one of the leading companies in this line of business. We achieved success by continuously seeking work excellence.

If you have a seemingly unsolvable problem or a long-in-the-making mess when it comes to work safety, give us a chance before "giving up“.

Along with the quality of our services, our clients appreciate our transparency which is standard in our practice. We would never use their lack of knowledge in the area to impose extra costs, so they regularly put their trust in us.

Due to our activity in the field of education, we have been recognised as those who create high-quality, informational and educational materials. We are also the only company in the field of health and safety at work regularly published by Zakon.hr web portal.


From home office to 5% of the best...

We were founded in 2012, at the peak of economic crisis. There were only three of us and we were working from a small home office. Were we crazy? Some would say so. But our only option was success. We combined our vision, knowledge and perseverance and proved that everything is possible if you believe in yourself and provide top-grade service.

Today we operate from three offices in Zagreb, Osijek and Dubrovnik. Furthermore, we are regularly listed as one of the top 5% of companies in our branch which are proud bearers of AAA bonity excellence.


We started new business and came up with our first logo...


As we have been growing and evolving, our logo has also been changing...


That year we realised that there was a logo-freak in our team...


We were looking for a perfect logo, and eventually it found us...


Do you envision us “swimming” in a sea of paperwork all day long?

This job is far more dynamic than you think, to say the least. Besides dealing with paperwork, we study regulations, communicate with clients, arrange activities in the field… But in this heap of tasks we still find the time to have coffee with our co-workers.


We took a ride on the longest zipline and were the first ones to try out the 4DX cinema technology

Our mission is to examine, review, test, foresee and ensure that everyday work in the lives of our clients and their employees functions safely. There are a lot of safety concerns which we resolve by approaching the job seriously and thoroughly, but we still manage to have fun.

“We aspire to be the leaders in changing things and setting new standards in providing services for our clients”

Ivan Krmek, MSc in Safety, CEO