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Safety at Work Centre is a licenced company authorised to offer services in safety at work and fire safety. With all the necessary authorizations, we have a long-term experience and expertise which make a difference.


We take care of your safety and the safety inside your buildings

We implement different actions which ensure safer conditions in your working environment. Risk evaluation, employee training, various technical testing and creating needed documentation are just some of our services.


We offer complete solutions as well as a reputation in inspection circles

Keeping in mind, if there are any oversights - all responsibility remains on you as the employer. So, we can offer you thoroughness and complete solutions. This makes us well known inside safety inspection circles, where our work is often mentioned as an example of good service.


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We offer
services countrywide!

We offer
services countrywide!


Do you see yourselves in any of these situations?


We haven’t done anything related to health and safety at work so far


We aren’t sure if our documentation is complete and of good quality


We are starting a business in catering industry, trade or lodging


We are moving into a "new" business space


We are planning to hire a foreign employee


We are looking for a partner who will take care of safety and testing in our building


We would like a more modern and high-quality approach to health and safety at work


We are looking for a partner who will take care our health and safety at work actions


We haven't done anything related to health and safety at work so far. What are our obligations?


We aren't sure if the documentation we possess is good enough and complete, or if it is still valid. What should we do?


We are starting or taking over a catering, trade or lodging business. Where should we begin?


We are moving into a new business space. Is the existing documentation valid or should we make a new one?


We are planning to hire a foreign employee. Do we have any additional obligations in this case?


We manage several buildings with different purposes, and we need a reliable partner who will take care of all health and safety related businesses. Could we arrange this service with your company?


We would like to have a more modern approach to health and safety at work, one which would allow for simpler organization, complete service, as well as good time management. Are there any solutions like this?


We are somewhat familiar with Article 20 of Health and Safety at Work Act, but we aren’t sure if it applies to us. What should we pay attention to?


We offer our clients digital document management, as well as other benefits

According to article 20 of H&S at Work Act, you are obligated as an employer to ensure all of the actions related to health and safety at work are done in a proper way. Be careful when choosing a partner because all the responsibility remains on you.

If we are your choice, you will receive a different approach in health and safety at work; constant availability, expertise in defining your needs and taking care of deadlines are just some of the advantages of cooperating with us. We also enable digital storage and management of your documents in order to quickly access the needed document, without fear of it being lost.

Access mandatory training seminars at distance, thanks to our C-eLearning platform

Advancements in technology and new trends are leading towards complete digitalisation of business. We aspire to keep pace with technological progress, so we carefully prepared our educational materials and digitalised them. We have developed the C-eLearning platform which represents a contemporary approach in the theoretical part of health and safety at work training, giving you the opportunity to organise the time for your employees and yourself.

This simple and intuitive system will lead you through the process of online training and testing, while its interesting, illustrated contents, adapted to your line of work, ensure complete and qualitied education.

Services of our technical experts are available everywhere in Croatia

You can let our technical department take care of all the technical testing and examinations related to safety at work and fire safety, as well as maintain your fire system. We conduct our activities in all kinds of structures: residential and business spaces, shopping malls, schools, institutions and plants.

You can hire us for a specific action, but we can also set up a contract to give you the complete service, which includes taking care of deadlines and all the mandatory activities inside your facilities. Keeping in mind the fact that we constantly invest in education of our employees as well as professional equipment, we dare to say that with us by your side you are completely safe.


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Did you know...

That lack of sleep increases the risk of work-related injuries?

Workers in businesses such as construction, manufacture and similar industries are regularly exposed to different risks. Injuries are brought on by, for example, machines, tools and dangerous chemicals.

However, something else increases the risk of work-related injuries for a staggering 70%, and that is lack of sleep.

The effects of fatigue can be compared to those of alcohol, while poor judgement and decreased motor skills can easily lead to dangerous consequences.

That office jobs aren’t as harmless as they seem?

80% of people who work office jobs for a longer period of time suffer from a milder or more severe spine deformity.

About the same percentage of people have vision problems, and an increasing number of persons suffer from fatty liver syndrome.

Furthermore, about 75% of office workers don’t drink enough fluids at work, which leads to headaches and lack of concentration.

That the employer always bears the responsibility for health and safety at work?

According to the Act, it is the employer’s duty to organise and implement health and safety at work, whether if he takes care of it himself or hires a licensed company.

A shocking statistic shows that in four years’ time (from the beginning of 2017 to the end of 2020), the number of work-related injuries resulting in death increased by 100%.


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