We manage several buildings with different purposes, and we need a reliable partner who will take care of all health and safety related businesses. Could we arrange this service with your company?

What should generally be ensured in buildings, as far as health and safety at work standards are concerned?

All building owners or its users are obligated to periodically conduct certain activities which will ensure the needed level of safety during the period of the building’s use.

Special attention to these obligations must be given if you are administering buildings which hold a public purpose: shopping malls, schools, hospitals etc. Considering a large amount of people gather there every day, safety standards are to be taken very seriously.

Where are these obligations defined?

These obligations, as well as their deadlines, are defined by Croatian regulations.

What are these obligations?

First and foremost, these are:

  • health and safety at work, as well as fire safety tests that must be periodically administered in buildings
  • obligations related to successful evacuation and rescue procedures
  • regular and exceptional maintenance of fire-fighting equipment (if any).

Can we hire you to perform all the mandatory activities in our buildings?

Considering we offer full service when it comes to safety management, and in accordance with your needs, we can arrange the aforementioned service, regardless of your location within Croatia.

This means we will take care of all the mandatory activities related to health and safety at work, as well as fire safety in your buildings. Deadlines will also be our concern.